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Palace Theatre Membership Benefits Include:

  • Exclusive ticket access to the best seats in the house
  • Advance notification about upcoming events and the ability to purchase tickets prior to the general public
  • Invitation to Members-Only Receptions for select performances
  • Artist Meet and Greet opportunities
  • Recognition in the Palace Program and Website at the appropriate levels



  • Producer's Circle ($10,000+)
  • Director's Circle ($5,000-$9,999)
  • President's Circle ($2,500-$4,999)
  • Leadership Circle ($1,000-$2,499)
  • Star Circle ($500-$999)
  • Backer Circle ($250-$499)
  • Player Circle ($100-$249)

Memberships start at $100 and are valid for one full year. Membership is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.  Most, but not all, shows are made available for Member pre-sale. Some Arts Partner and Rental shows maybe excluded. Access to Member pre-sale tickets are on a per show, not a per transaction, basis.  Additional rental costs include, but are not limited to: catering, staffing, equipment, cleaning and more. Additional limitations may apply. Visit the Rentals page on our website for more information. Membership Benefits are Subject to Change. Membership is valid for 364 days from the date of purchase.




Producer’s Circle ($10,000+)
Dave Berges & Debra Kendall
Jan & Bob Dilenschneider
The Rogers Family Foundation

Director’s Circle ($5,000-$9,999)
Marta Bailey
Jan & Robert Dilenschneider
Diana & Stephen Lenkowsky
Ann & Jon Lipschutz
John Pasquale

President’s Circle ($2,500–$4,999)
William Charcalis
Fran & Carl Levinson

Leadership Circle ($1,000-$2,499)
Amy Louise Rich Memorial Fund
Nancy and Brad Benjamin
Michael Byrne
Margaret Carlson
Linda & David Cunn
Edward Donovan
Nancy Erskine
David Himmelreich
Scott Howard
Peggy Kalter
Morton Klein
Nina & Norman Lotstein
Debbie & James McGurren
Lori & Frank Mercede
Maria & Alan McIntyre
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Morgillo
Christine Roberts
Andrea P. Schwartz
Betsey & Arthur Selkowitz
Dr. Helene Strazza
Ken Stuart & Lisa Haber
Karen Tom
Louise & Michael Widland
Barbara & Fabrizio Zichichi

Star ($500-$999)
Dan Budinoff, Michael Byrne, Mary Conway, David Himmelrich, Stephen Hoffman, Raymond Olive, Sherrie Pellini, Victoria Penino, Josh Rich, Richard Smeriglio, Christopher Tebeau, and Kelly Trahan.

Backer ($250-$499)
Valerie Ahneman, Darcy Amann, Michael Ambrosino, Melanie Begun, Debra & Steven Biggica, Barun Chandra, Dynamic Duo Charitable Trust, Philip Farin, Jennifer Gallois, William Gedney, Donna Heller, Janice Goff Hess, Jay Greenberg, Stephen Hoffman, Michael Katz, Bruce Mackie, John McKiernan, Kenneth Ng, Kathy Oshaughnessy, Sarah Osnoss, Victoria Penino, Sandra Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Ratner, Deborah Ricketts, Patricia Rogers, Sharon Rychlik, Robert Salek, Arthur Selkowitz, Lutz Spika, Peter Telep, William Tenca, Michael Weamer, John Wilson, and Merle Yoder.

Player ($100-$249)
Ann Anderson, Michael Ambrosino, Jayne Bakis, Tom Baldwin, Georgette Bateman, David Bauer, Eric Beiley, Debi Berger, Richard Blomberg, Mark Breden, Edward Browne, Timothy Byrnes, M A Scoca Capriolo, Denise Caputo, Barun Chandra, Marc Chase, John Corcoran , Christine Corrado, Rosie Costello, Creative Sense, Inc., Mark Curtis, Richard Daly, Paul Dascensio, Harry Day, Shawn Delp, Adrienne DeMita, Linda Demott, Andreas Ruiz-Diaz, Douglas Dicconson, Eileen Doering, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Drowne, Thomas Fitzpatrick, Carol Forest, Edward Fuhrman, Michael Gabriel, Jennifer Gallois, Frank Gaudio, William Gedney, Geraldine Giannattasio, Rhonda Ginsberg, Paul Goodman, Kevin Gore, Karen Harter, Joui Hessel, Lisa Holton, Carmen Hughes, Lorraine Jacobi, Anne Katcher, Michael Katz, Colleen Kelly, Anthony Kolich, Kevin Kouton, Jessica LaRose, Elizabeth Lauber, Tracy Lavery, Wilbert Laza, Jon and Debbie Lese Family Fund, Kristin and Max Levinson, Paul Lleva, Linda Lynam, Kristen Maida, Bruce Mackie, Lynn Malkin, Maria Mancusi, Domenica Manuli, Allesandra Marr, Linda Mihok, Lisa Molinaro, Carol Moore, Leslie Moskowitz, Suzanne Mueller, Edward Newman, Jill Newman, Robin Ordan, Richard Parker, Frank Pate, Mary Ellen Peterson, Mario & Danielle Pimpinella, Susan Plutzer, Joseph Policastro, Henry Poth, Kenneth Povodator, Siri Price, Barbara Ripp, Wayne Roberts, Angel Rodriguez, Bruce Rossow, Margery Russell, Nicholas Salzano, Jon Savitz, Gary Scelia, Monica Sciacca, Paul Senno, Janill Sharma, Nigel Shepherd, Lisa Short, Robert Smith, Michael Smolak, Vincent Speziale , Patricia Stankey, David Stuckey, Wendy Terenzio, Deidra Tidwell-Ratchford, Lisa Tuccinardi, Chuck Utschig, Anthony Venezia, Elaine Vlahakis, Christine Weinreb, Doran Welch, Laza Wilbert, Ami Wright, Eileen Yarnell, and Tom Zezima.

Education Sponsors:

Susan Dimattia

Major Funding provided by:

Please consider supporting The Palace Theatre. In addition to helping The Palace continue to bring the best in Arts & Entertainment to Stamford, you will also be supporting our Arts Education programs, which inspire the next generation of artists. For more information or to make a donation, please call Kristin K. Levinson, 203-517-3415,

This list reflects all contributions received from February 1, 2021- March 31, 2022