Do you want your favorite seat in the house?
It is yours. Nobody else can reserve it before you do.

Just choose your favorite seat, anywhere in the theatre. Whether it is in the center, on the aisle, or in the first row of the balcony. That will be your seat all season long. YOU own the right to have the first choice for tickets to most performances held in the theatre.* When an exciting new show is announced, you will get the very first notice. If you wish to see it, you can purchase tickets. If you decide not to see it, then your seat will be offered for sale to the public. You are under no obligation.**

$500/seat for the entire year! Renewable every year at the prevailing rate - these could be your seats for life!

View the seating chart online or ask for a private tour

Call or email Kristin Levinson in our Development Department! | 203-517-3415

* Applies to all Palace-presented shows. Does not include shows presented by our arts partners (Stamford Symphony, CT Ballet, etc.). Does not apply to fundraising events such as our annual Gala.  Some shows presented by outside companies might be excluded at the request of the presenter.

** You will have one week from the first day of sale to decide whether you wish to take advantage of your priority option to buy tickets for a particular show.